Cat | Tucson & Vail Dance Photographer

Love it when my clients are willing to try new things and have FUN! Cat was such a blast to work with!

Grace | Tucson & Vail Dance Photographer

How can you NOT have fun with such a spirited young lady in some great dance costumes!?

C & G: Sisters | Tucson & Vail Family Photographer

Two sisters. Both beautiful and both dancers

Eriq | Tucson & Vail Sports Photographer

A talented first basemen in a sport I love. Enjoy your sneak peek, Eriq!

Brennan | Tucson & Vail Senior Photographer

I just love it when my seniors come up with ideas during the shoot! Brennan was no exception and quite a talented guitarist at that! Enjoy your senior year and best wishes for the years to come!

K Family | Tucson & Vail Family Photographer

This family was so FUN to work with. We were cracking jokes and hamming it up the whole time. I was honored to capture the first three-generation photos that had been taken in 15 years. Thanks, K Family, for all the laughs!